Folks, I’m too exhausted and depressed to compose a witty or well-thought-out post this week. So I’ll leave you with this thought.

My heartfelt wish for you is a happy and peaceful thanksgiving, (hopefully with your loved ones despite the damned CDC.)

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Word of the Day: Miniver / minever

Fun fact about me: I love almost every kind of nut.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, November 2020. Images by Google and Pexels.

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The Good Old Days

I want to go back. Back to the good old days. Not that I want to be younger or actually GO back in time, but rather I want things to stop changing. I like stuff the way it currently is or used to be. Some things nowadays are designed to make our lives easier, but they just make it harder. And when things break down, it takes a skilled technician, two weeks and a thousand dollars to fix them.

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We’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law. We’ve all probably made reference to it at least once in our lifetime. If you’re not familiar with the expression, basically it means everything that can go wrong will go wrong. But I bet you didn’t know that time has distorted the law’s intended meaning entirely. It’s quite the opposite of the commonly used version.

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It’s A Real Thing!

Today is Monday, November 2nd, which means . . . it’s National Plan Your Epitaph Day! Say what? I know, right? It’s a real thing. An entire day set aside to plan your own epitaph. Kind of morbid but I guess it makes sense if you think about it. I mean, you never know what a relative or friend might put on your tombstone once you’re gone, right? Or, worse yet, they put nothing there!  Egads! The horrors!!!

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Writers spend lots and lots and lots of time writing their books. Well, most writers. Some writers can whip out a manuscript in a few weeks. That is not me. When you add in the research time, editing time, pre-book launch marketing time, etc., it really takes quite a long time to write a book of any substance.

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Have you ever tried to pass something off as something else? I don’t mean outright lying about something, but like buying a knock-off brand name item hoping others will think you have the real thing? My mom used to tell me that the cheap sneakers I got at K-Mart were the same as the expensive name brand shoes (Puma’s was my choice back then). My mom would say, “They’re the same thing.” In my adolescent mind I’d scream back, “No they’re not.” Notice I said in my mind. Arguing with my mother always resulted in me sulking and my mom telling me to stop sulking. (God, I miss my mom.)

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No Soup For You

I’m pretty tenacious when it comes to something I want. I’m not prone to giving up without trying at least once, and usually multiple times. It depends on how much I want or need to accomplish something. I believe there’s more than one way to skin a cat and I believe in the old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” So, when I don’t get something, or can’t figure something out, I get really frustrated. But, at least I know I’ve REALLY tried. I’ve done everything I’m willing and able to do.

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I knew it was going to happen. At some point it was bound to. But, I wasn’t really ready for it to happen quite so quickly. Slowly the country is phasing back into normal operating procedures. We’ve been getting a few more reservations over the past few weeks. But, I don’t know what happened the last three weekends. BAM! Full houses every Friday and Saturday night. Just like that. No warning. The phone kept ringing and the I kept saying “come on.”

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We’re all getting older whether we like it or not. Every day brings us one step closer to death. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s the truth. Reality is, our date of birth is actually the day we start dying. That’s why every single day should be considered a gift. A chance to experience life to its fullest. Every morning when we open our eyes, we are given the gift of another day. Another step toward the grave. Another opportunity to do good, to embrace the blessings around us, and to boldly walk toward the pearly gates.

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I’ve been in the innkeeping business for a little over 5 years now and I am still amazed at how many times something totally new and unexpected happens. Just about the time I’m sure I’ve seen everything, along comes something completely new and – dare I say it – more weird.

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