It’s week of Christmas. Can you believe it? Not too long ago it felt like time was standing still. But, time is constant and marches on. And so, here we are, 4 days from the one day almost everyone looks forward to all year long.

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I don’t normally do a lot of holiday baking like some folks. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but it hardly seems worth the effort since I have no one to share the goodies with. Well, that’s not true. I have my husband, who loves sweets and baking for him is totally worth it, but you know what I mean. He’s actually really happy with plain ole peanut butter cookies most of the time anyway. I don’t have to go to the trouble of chilling and rolling out dough and letting yeast rise and chopping fruits and nuts and all that other fancy stuff. He’s not into the ornately decorated sugar cookies or gingerbread men that are so popular this time of year. So, it feels like a wasted effort to spend the entire day baking fancy holiday goodies.

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So, I guess the second, or is it third, (fourth?) wave of this “pandemic” is upon us. Now that the election is over – sort of – the doomscrolling has begun again. The media, and apparently half the population, has dredged up all the doom and gloom crap again. Only this time around they have expounded on its horribleness by adding the convincing caveat that assured death awaits if you so much as open your front door without the protection of a facial covering. The reporting was absurd the first time around and even more ludicrous this time.

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Well folks, it’s that time of the year again. Holiday time! I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re all pretty much looking forward to the close of 2020. My wish for Christmas this year is to live in a mask-free world. Seriously, nine months of this crap is enough. But, I digress from the subject at hand – the holidays!

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Folks, I’m too exhausted and depressed to compose a witty or well-thought-out post this week. So I’ll leave you with this thought.

My heartfelt wish for you is a happy and peaceful thanksgiving, (hopefully with your loved ones despite the damned CDC.)

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Word of the Day: Miniver / minever

Fun fact about me: I love almost every kind of nut.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, November 2020. Images by Google and Pexels.

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The Good Old Days

I want to go back. Back to the good old days. Not that I want to be younger or actually GO back in time, but rather I want things to stop changing. I like stuff the way it currently is or used to be. Some things nowadays are designed to make our lives easier, but they just make it harder. And when things break down, it takes a skilled technician, two weeks and a thousand dollars to fix them.

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We’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law. We’ve all probably made reference to it at least once in our lifetime. If you’re not familiar with the expression, basically it means everything that can go wrong will go wrong. But I bet you didn’t know that time has distorted the law’s intended meaning entirely. It’s quite the opposite of the commonly used version.

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It’s A Real Thing!

Today is Monday, November 2nd, which means . . . it’s National Plan Your Epitaph Day! Say what? I know, right? It’s a real thing. An entire day set aside to plan your own epitaph. Kind of morbid but I guess it makes sense if you think about it. I mean, you never know what a relative or friend might put on your tombstone once you’re gone, right? Or, worse yet, they put nothing there!  Egads! The horrors!!!

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Writers spend lots and lots and lots of time writing their books. Well, most writers. Some writers can whip out a manuscript in a few weeks. That is not me. When you add in the research time, editing time, pre-book launch marketing time, etc., it really takes quite a long time to write a book of any substance.

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Have you ever tried to pass something off as something else? I don’t mean outright lying about something, but like buying a knock-off brand name item hoping others will think you have the real thing? My mom used to tell me that the cheap sneakers I got at K-Mart were the same as the expensive name brand shoes (Puma’s was my choice back then). My mom would say, “They’re the same thing.” In my adolescent mind I’d scream back, “No they’re not.” Notice I said in my mind. Arguing with my mother always resulted in me sulking and my mom telling me to stop sulking. (God, I miss my mom.)

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