Criminal Offenses

I’ve had a very long weekend of writing related stuff. Savvy Authors sponsored a 3-day free writing retreat that blew my mind. So many really good presenters, free mini intensive workshops, and great webinars. My brain is so full of new information and practical tips. I feel like a thief getting all of this great information for free.

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Like I Said

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Let me begin this post by saying WordPress automatically “upgraded” my software and I find myself floundering a wee bit while trying to get this blog ready. I apologize in advance for any wonky parts. Please bear with me while this old dog learns some new tricks.

I’m not overly fond of repeating myself. I never knew this about myself until I owned an inn. I have the same spiel memorized that I tell every guest at check-in. It’s not bad if there are only 1 or 2 rooms checking in, but when we have a full house and everyone checks in at different times, I’m forced to repeat the spiel several times a day.

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I’m a list maker. It serves two purposes: It helps me remember all of the very important things I must do, and it makes me feel accomplished when I check things off. I usually have multiple lists going at once. Some things need to be done but not necessarily right away. But, I don’t want to forget to do them either. Thus, the list. Sometimes I find it necessary to prioritize my lists. Continue Reading »

We’ve seen a lot of people come and go here at The Baer House and with those people come things, personalities, stories and vehicles. We’ve seen motorcyclists traveling in packs. Bicyclists on week-long adventures across Mississippi. Vans, motorhomes, campers, people with trailers, boats, and even on a couple of instances, people with no vehicles at all. Those “special folks” require their own entire post involving airplanes, taxies, busses and limousines. Let your mind wander. Continue Reading »

Simple Pleasures

This post could just as easily be titled “Reality Check,” because that’s sort of what happened. Stick with me. I’ll explain. Continue Reading »

Mary Poppins head up feet beneath youFolks it’s been slim pickings here at Casa Baer. I’ve been trying to keep my chin up throughout this pandemic but some days it’s really hard to find the silver lining. Since the beginning of March we’ve only taken in just a smidge over six thousand dollars. Usually we bring in double that each and every month, especially this time of year. We’re heading into our second busiest time of the year and are still getting more cancellations than reservations coming in. It’s heart breaking. Continue Reading »

anxiety memeSo many people are reeling, angry, and despairing these days. It’s no wonder. We’ve all been thrown into a situation that we’ve never been in before. It’s extremely disorienting, confusing and challenging in many ways. In the face of intense and prolonged stress, this new syndrome has emerged. But don’t despair, there’s a cure and hope. Continue Reading »

I know a lot of you are waiting patiently for Book 3 in the Grounded Series to hit the shelves. I assure you it’s almost ready. The manuscript ended up being a lot more pages than I’d anticipated and the drafting stage took much longer than I thought it was going to. But, rest assured it is finished and in the editor’s hands. I’m as anxious as you at this point.

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On occasion in the past I have asked you guys for suggestions about what to blog about. Sometimes my creative well runs a little low and I find myself in need of some fresh ideas. A couple of times you nice folks have requested more information about the historic house I live in. Continue Reading »

Package packaging

add to cart buttonI don’t know about you guys, but I’m quite fond of ordering things on-line. It’s easy, convenient, and oft times less expensive. You can bargain shop without going anywhere or clipping coupons. Not that I don’t like to shop, because I do. On occasion. I like to stroll through a mall and allow myself to be drawn into a shop because of a cute window display or the enticing aroma of something I might have to buy. Continue Reading »