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I’m a list maker. It serves two purposes: It helps me remember all of the very important things I must do, and it makes me feel accomplished when I check things off. I usually have multiple lists going at once. Some things need to be done but not necessarily right away. But, I don’t want to forget to do them either. Thus, the list. Sometimes I find it necessary to prioritize my lists. (more…)

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complaining imageI have a love / hate relationship with Facebook. As a fledgling author, I understand the importance of building a brand and expanding my presence on social media sites. I’m trying to do this and to be as active as possible without giving away too much personal information for hackers or offending too many people.

I try to take notice of what my cyber friends are into and to be part of discussions where I feel I can make a difference or add some witty thought. I’ve learned who to avoid at all costs; you know, those “special friends,” who seem to only post negative stuff or comments about how sick they are or what’s wrong with their kids, cars, lives, etc. That’s just boring and nobody wants to hear about it.

I have some friends who only post inspirational quotes and some who are always posting questions or taking surveys. Others only beg people to buy their books. Some only offer one lopsided political commentary. And I have some friends who are all over the board with comments; good, bad, funny, sad, etc.

What I don’t “get,” are people who post something along the lines of, “I ran 47 miles today. I am so sore I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk again because of the horrible shin splints, blisters on my feet, and aching calf muscles.” How are people supposed to comment on these types of posts? They did something really remarkable and impressive, but then they complain about it. Are they seeking recognition for the accomplishment or sympathy for the pain?

women boxing

Facebook has quickly become a forum for people to be narcissistic, especially since the introduction of “selfies.” But if you truly enjoy doing something, should you be complaining about how bad it makes you feel? I mean, if it hurts when you bang yourself in the head, I’m thinking you should probably stop banging yourself in the head. Problem solved. Don’t keep doing it and then complaining about it because I for one, have no sympathy. If you do something awesome, be proud of it and graciously accept the commendation you receive. If you’re hurting and need virtual hugs, then just admit that you’re having a bad day and need some cyber sunshine. I’ll be the first to give it to you. But, it doesn’t work both ways. That only makes you look . . . I don’t know . . . confused. Or not very bright.

woman head hammer

For the narcissists, if you want people to think you’re a badass, then don’t follow up the Herculean feat by admitting that you suffered injury. I mean accomplishing something one time and suffering pain because of it is understandable and you’re a badass for doing it. But every day? If you keep doing the same activity every day and you keep getting hurt, I’m thinking you’re not badass at all. You’re a ding-a-ling. If you keep coming home bloodied, bruised and broken, you must not be very good at whatever you’re doing and thus not badass at all. Right?

I’ve seen people post pictures of big horrible bruises, blackened eyes, and bloodied lips that they’ve suffered from wrestling, or judo, or running marathons, or some other such activity, yet they continue to participate in the same activity. If you’re looking for sympathy people, you’re not getting it from me. Keep doing it if you love it, but suck it up and don’t whine about the pain. I mean, should we praise the bruise? Is the broken arm or bloodied limb cool? Should everyone aspire to accomplish the same thing?

whining about sickI’m just not sure how to comment on these posts. Should I say, “Gee, I’m so glad you’re in pain?” “I’m rejoicing in your agony.” “I wish I could hurt so bad like you?” “I want to run marathons too so I can have those awesome blisters.”

The same thing with people who always post about their dogs or kids puking. Does the world really need to know about these events? Kids and pets get sick. It’s not a news flash. Should we all slide down this slippery slope of negative narcissism? I’m thinking this is some kind of a sickness.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now. But, I do wonder, what are your thoughts about Facebook posts? Do you engage in “discussions” where the original post is both good and bad?

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Original post by Jansen Schmidt, May 2015. Photos courtesy Google Images.

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