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Do you ever see something and wonder, “who thinks up this stuff?” I know I do. I’m a fairly creative person when it comes to certain things. But other times, I’m just clueless about how to make something happen. I think that’s why I love Disney so much. Everything Disney does just amazes me with the creativity and the engineering and the use of colors and music. But sometimes I see something and think, “why?”


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Dear blog friends and followers, be prepared to be amazed. Today I am going to share with you my many talents in the foreign language department. Perhaps you should have a seat before you read farther. (more…)

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My life as an innkeeper is never dull. Most of the time my work is very rewarding. The average guest is very nice and respectful. And every day I see or hear something that makes me go:


Being an innkeeper has challenges for sure, but there’s an amusing side as well. And an even larger amazing component that most people probably don’t even think about. (more…)

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