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The deep south recently experienced a winter storm for the record books. It wreaked havoc on millions of people in various ways. I was shocked and amused at the same time at how ill-prepared the state of Mississippi is for this type of event. The entire town essentially just shut down. Our mail didn’t get delivered for an entire week. An ENTIRE week! All the government offices were closed. Most restaurants were closed. Even the grocery stores and casinos (which never close) were closed. Hotels along the interstate were overflowing because the highway was shut down and people were stranded. It was epic.


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Image courtesy Google

Image courtesy Google

It’s that time again – time for another rousing round of What Haven’t I. That’s right, it’s the guessing game about who I am and what I have or haven’t done. This month the categories are totally random.

As a reminder, the rules are simple: Post your answers in the comments section below. Three of the answers are things that I have actually done, one is something I have not done. You can’t win if you don’t play so put on those guessing caps and get to work.

So, here goes:

1. What haven’t I attempted to play: a) Piano; b) Guitar; c) Accordian; or d) Ukelele

2.  What haven’t I seen up close and personal:  a) A corral reef; b) A cave; c) A volcano; or d) A geyser.

3.  What hobby haven’t I done:  a) Bird watching; b) Jewelry making; c) Scrapbooking; or c) Cross-Stitch

Photo by P. Rickrode

Photo by P. Rickrode

4.  What pet haven’t I had:  a) Bird; b) Hamster; c) Fish; or d) Cat.

5.  What haven’t I read:  a) Pride & Prejudice; b) Grapes of Wrath; c) The Scarlett Letter; or d) Julius Caesar.

Good luck and I’ll look forward to ya’ll stopping back on the 23rd to see how you did. Remember, the fastest and the best guesser will both be awarded prizes.

Word of the day:  Dwerger (this is my favorite word so far)

Fun fact about me:  When I was 12 years old I almost dropped my neighbor’s baby. (Yikes!!!)

Original post and photo by Jansen Schmidt (July 2013). Other images courtesy Google Images.

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