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I love to read. Most writers do. Books are our drug of choice; the thing we rely on to keep us motivated, inspired, eager to put our own ideas down on paper. Writing can be exhilarating. So can reading. But, like writing, reading is not without its dark side. Read on and I’ll explain.


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boxes on a shelfHave you ever noticed that people like to put things into categories? It’s just human nature I think to want to classify stuff into known categories. Everything needs to go into a box, or a file, or on a shelf. Ever look at something and wonder what the heck it is? If someone tells you it’s a new-fangled object designed to do thus and such, your brain automatically wants to file that information into a group of knowns. That’s usually when people say something like, “Oh, it’s sort of like a thingamajig?” We ask because we have an inherent need to relate the new thing to an old thing. (more…)

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