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I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick of seeing news headlines about professional sports players involved in accidents and being arrested but expecting to get a free pass because of who they are. Nobody is entitled to a get out of jail free card, especially if you’ve actually done something grossly negligent or illegal.


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I usually avoid these topics, but lately stuff has been happening here in Mississippi that gets me all fired up.

woman making decisionI’m about as tolerant as a person can be. My motto is live and let live. If you want to do something, knock yourself out, just don’t try to cram it down my throat. I think there are good people and bad people, good Muslims and bad Muslims, good Christians and bad Christians, good teachers and bad teachers. It’s our job as people to use our intuition and fact-finding abilities to discern which category people fall into before we become too intimately involved with them. (more…)

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