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I used to love getting dressed up for special occasions. Heck I used to enjoy getting dressed up just to go to work. When I worked in a professional office I wore dresses, two-piece business suits, heels, pantyhose, make-up, jewelry, even glitzy hair clips every single day. In the summer I wore more sundresses and sandals, but I always overdressed by today’s standards. I was often the best dressed employee in the office, but I felt like I had to “look the part,” and dressing up added a feeling of me being extra valuable in the workplace because of it. It was a self-esteem issue for me.


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disney-memeBy now it’s no secret that I’m a Disney freak. Yes, that’s right, I love all things Disney. I never get tired of visiting the parks, reading the blog sites, flipping through the glossy magazines, watching the movies, wearing the t-shirts, all of it. (more…)

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