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I really enjoy reading. I’ve been reading almost my entire life and before I could read my mother read to me. I credit my mom for my love of books. I’ve always liked a good mystery, like Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Phyllis Whitney books as I got a little older. My taste in books has expanded over the years, especially since I started writing. I still have my favorite genres, but I sometimes challenge myself to read something beyond my normal literary go-to’s.


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choosing a bookAbout a month ago I blogged about the importance of a good title, in relation to articles and books. A lot of that post was poking fun at embarrassing headlines from newspapers, but the point got made – how something is titled is important. Because I’m on the brink of publishing my first novel, I’m at the point where I need to start making some very important decisions about not only titles, but the items that will make or break someone’s decision to buy my book. The items that create a good first impression. The things that will make my book stand out from the rest on an already crowded shelf. (more…)

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