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So it’s time for another installment of Take It, Or Leave It, and because it’s February, it’s all about the vegetables. What’s the correlation you ask, between February and vegetables? Nothing. That’s just how the congealed mush between the bony places of my head works.

Take It or Leave It Image courtesy Google Images

Take It or Leave It
Image courtesy Google Images

The rules are simple, just post your guesses in the comments section below. I will post the choices on Monday and my responses on Thursday. The person with the most guesses is my winner, but you must re-post in the comments section in order to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after one week from posting the answers.

Now put on those guessing caps and let me know whether I’d take or leave the vegetables listed below:

1 – lima beans

Photo courtesy Google Images

Photo courtesy Google Images

2 – asparagus

3 – Brussel sprouts

4 – turnips

5 – beets

6 – parsnips

7 – butternut squash

8 – acorn squash

9 – spaghetti squash

10 – bok choy.

Do you always eat your vegetables? Which ones do you avoid? Come on, I know you all detest at least one of them.

Word of the Day:  Zorbonaut

Fun fact about me: I was a very picky eater growing up. (Probably why I was reed thin. My how things change as we age.)

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, February 2014. Images courtesy Google Images.

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