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Do you ever look at a person and immediately formulate an opinion about them, be it by their clothes, their hair, their tattoos, etc.? It’s easy to do. It’s easy to look at someone and decide right then and there that there is something wrong with them or something unpleasant enough that you want to keep your distance. But is there really something wrong with them? Are they really unpleasant to be around? Does their pink hair really mean they’re starved for attention? Do their whole-body tattoos mean they have low self-esteem? Does their revealing clothing really mean they have loose morals? Maybe. Probably not. But, if you don’t look deeper, you’ll never find out.


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focusLike so many other people these days, I’ve had a lot of heavy issues taking up space in my brain. Most are about survival, both physically and economically, and some are about discipline as it relates to staying focused and positive. Trying to be creative right now has certainly been a challenge for me. And avoiding the negative is downright impossible if you spend any time on social media. (more…)

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