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I don’t know about you, but for me September went out with a bang. It seems like I was always running from one important event to another.

Car Buying

My dear sweet husband and I decided that when we got back home from vacation we would look into getting him a new vehicle to drive. He’d been researching and looking for just the right car and we finally spent one whole day test driving and haggling over a new car. He ended up with a 2013 Subaru Impreza sedan, not his first choice, but a very nice vehicle in our price range.

Corey's new wheels

Corey’s new wheels
Photo courtesy Google Images

The very next day, my father announced that his car needed about $4,000 worth of repairs and it was time to turn it in for a new one. So, I spent another whole day car shopping with my dad. He ended up with a 2013 shiny black, Nissan Rogue equipped with many features he will never understand or use. Needless to say, the car shopping is over for a very long time.


Next, I celebrated the birthday of one of my dearest friends on a beautiful Sunday. We had brunch on the patio, enjoyed some wine tasting and quality girl time. Happy birthday, Debbi! (Isn’t she cute?)

My dear friend, Debbi Sanders.

My dear friend, Debbi Sanders.

Vow Renewals

That same weekend (here’s your shout out Kirk), some long-time friends of mine celebrated 35 years of marriage with a vow renewal ceremony, followed by a picnic in the park. It was delightful to connect with some friends I haven’t seen in many, many years and share in this joyous event. Congratulations Kirk and Holli Ehnisz, thank you for including me on your very special day. May you enjoy many more years of wedded bliss.

A Celebration of Life

And then I attended a celebration of life party, honoring the life of Mr. Bob Seed who passed away on September 5th following a long battle with cancer. His beautiful wife and dozens of friends gathered in the yard of Holly’s Hill vineyard and winery for laughter, remembrances and moments of reflection. Everyone in attendance put their thumbprint on his memory tree then signed their name. It created a beautiful work of art for his lovely wife Kathy that will forever bloom in a place of honor in her home. Bob Seed, you will be missed.

Bob Seed memory tree

Bob Seed memory tree
Photo by K. Seed

So, while this post isn’t my normal blubber with snarky comments, it does pay homage to some very dear friends and I thank you all for taking the time to stop by.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about special moments in your lives or celebrations that you have enjoyed in the recent past.

Word of the day: Kami

Fun fact about me:  I wear a smaller size shoe now than I did in 7th grade. Not sure how that happened, but it’s true.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, October 2013. Subaru photo courtesy Google Images.

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