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I’m pretty confident that at some point in each of our lives we’ve all said, at least once, “Now I’ve seen it all.” I know I’ve said that a few times. It’s a popular expression as sometimes there are simply no words to describe some oddity that we’ve just seen. So, we just fall back on this catchphrase, which implies that there is nothing weirder than what we’ve experienced. But, as I’ve discovered in the world of innkeeping, I’m pretty sure the universe sees those five words as a challenge.


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When I was writing my most recent release, On Hallowed Ground, I knew pretty early on that I had to write Gage and Qiana’s story. They are secondary characters in that book, but both of them grew into real people in my mind as I was working on that manuscript. As time went on, those characters developed their own personalities, which were not explored in great depth in Noah and Fallon’s story. (more…)

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