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I enjoy watching the Olympics, but I don’t get to see as many events as I’d like. In years past, I recorded them on my DVR but there are so many events I don’t care to watch, that it gets tiresome fast-forwarding past them to get to the good juicy events I really want to see. This go round I’ve seen almost no events, but I did catch some highlights. One constant for me is that I almost always find myself rooting for the unexpected underdog who shows up out of nowhere with overwhelmingly high scores and blows everybody else out of the water. Or wins by a nose. You know? That athlete that sneaks up on everyone who is supposed to win and steals that medal. The one nobody is watching. Yeah, that person.


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olympic flagI enjoy watching the olympics. I can’t always watch during prime time, (my husband doesn’t like the olympics so watching during primetime is not an option for me), but that’s why I have a DVR. However, my viewing experience of the winter olympics in Korea has been disappointing thus far for a number of reasons. (more…)

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