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The time has arrived! And that’s a very good thing. We’ve reached a point here at the Baer House where it has once again become necessary to hire help. That’s a good problem to have because that means we’re busy. When the Covid unpleasantness hit last year and there was so much confusion and fear and everything was forced to shut down, I had to let my housekeeper go, for obvious reasons. No use having someone come to clean guest rooms when there aren’t any guests, just lonely dark rooms.


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I hate liars memeThe one thing I hate, probably more than anything else in the world, is lying and liars. I hate being lied to. I hate hearing other people telling lies. Lies are ugly, hurtful and sometimes, dangerous. And lies are never necessary with me. I’m a nice person, just tell me the truth. I can handle it. (more…)

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