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Have you ever want so badly to be done with something that you can taste it? Like that book you’re writing that never seems to find a happy ending. That one chapter that’s only two pages long yet you’ve been struggling all day to write it. Those seventy-five cupcakes you promised to bring to your kids’ friend’s party. That last three feet of fence that’s needed paint for two years now.

volunteeringI’m there. Right now. I’m in a place that for the most part has been a lot of fun and very rewarding for me. I’ve inherited a new family who needed and appreciated me – mostly. I’ve shared in the joys and triumphs of a group of people who band together to support each other during these times of sorrow and glee. But, I’ve grown weary. And I’ve discovered the ugly side of this organization I’ve grown so fond of. I don’t like it and because of it, I don’t want to do this anymore. It is absolutely exhausting trying to please and/or appease every single person.

judgmental quoteAmidst this group of wonderful people, lurk several individuals who outwardly seem genuinely kind and caring. However, beneath their façade of goodness dwells something altogether not nice; something nasty and vindictive. It always amazes me that people can be so bold with ideas and suggestions for “improving” things, yet slink away like cowards when encouraged to step up to the plate and implement their ideas. Or how people can take one thing out of context and turn it into a poisonous dart with a heart-seeking device that when it’s finds it goal totally crushes a person’s spirit and willingness to go on.

caring too muchI suppose it’s a lack of education or understanding combined with an unwillingness to place themselves in someone else’s shoes that causes people to act this way, but it is hurtful and damaging to even the strongest of spirits. How I wish that, before passing judgment or criticizing someone else’s actions, people would stop to consider – for just a moment – what perhaps is going on in my life. Before you call me out for something that you think I did wrong or intentionally, why don’t you stop and reanalyze the situation. Was my action/word/deed so injurious that you feel it’s necessary to confront me in such a vicious manner? And do your actions perhaps wound more than just me? Is more at stake and if so, why are you hurting innocent people because you think I did you wrong in some way?

hurt feelings quoteI’m not opposed to criticism and if I’ve done something horribly wrong, please point it out to me so that it won’t happen again. I’m not perfect and I have bad days. But DON’T complain and criticize then offer no solutions for improvement. And DON’T tell me how to do my job when you’ve never done it.

But it doesn’t work that way with a lot of people. I know this, but it’s still hard to wrap my brain around why people act the way they do. And it’s hard to tell my heart to stop hurting, even though I know that my attackers are small-minded, self-centered people, who in the grand scheme of things probably aren’t contributing much in any way shape or form. They’re just leeches, here to take your blood then complain that it’s not their type.

high roadLet me tell you, it’s hard to climb up to that high road, but I’ve done it several times recently. I take comfort in knowing that the universe “knows” and that what goes around comes around and often in spades. So, while I may be down, it’s temporary and I know that I’m almost DONE. And I’m learning some things from the view down here. It gives me a new perspective. So watch out world because while I’m down here, I’m learning how to arm myself with new weapons and armor. I’m going to wallow around for awhile, but when I come back, it’s going to take a lot more than ugly spiteful words to keep me down.

sandpaper quoteHow do you handle situations where you feel slighted or wronged, but know that you need to bite your tongue and take the high road? Any advice for the down-hearted?

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Fun fact about me: It’s hard to sequester sarcasm.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, June 2014. Quotes and photo courtesy Google Images.


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