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Photo by P. Rickrode

The writers police academy was quite the adventure. Lots of hands-on stuff. Lots of great insider information. Lots of really nice people. Not so much sleep. But it was all worth it. The workshops were great, the food was good, the hotel was adequate, the location was perfect, the guest speakers were fabulous. One in particular touched me with his keynote address on Saturday night.


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walking tightropeSuspension of Disbelief. It’s a common enough term for writers of fiction. It’s a fine line to walk when writing certain kinds of fiction. But, the average person may not quite understand what that term is. (more…)

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stilettosI don’t know about you, but I love shoes. Always have. I’m somewhat of a collector, or at least I used to be. Since high school I’ve had office jobs and since high school I’ve worn high heels. Used to be, the higher the better. Shoes make a statement and I was bold. (more…)

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