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In keeping with my recent posts about my trip to Texas, today I’m bringing you a spin on the Take It or Leave It game and I’m doing it Texas style. I’m calling this month’s installment “Did I or Didn’t I.”

The Alamo Shrine - San Antonio Texas Photo by P. Rickrode

The Alamo Shrine – San Antonio Texas
Photo by P. Rickrode

The rules are the same (Post your guesses in the comments section below. I will post my responses on Thursday the 14th. The person with the most correct guesses is my winner, but you must post another comment in the comments section, acknowledging that you are a winner, in order to claim your prize. It’s that simple. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after one week from posting the answers.)

So, here you go. For the following list of things, did I do it or not do it?

Photo courtesy Google Images.

Photo courtesy Google Images.

1. Wander the corridors of the historic and haunted Menger Hotel looking for ghosts?

2.  Buy something at a smoke shop?

3.  Take a picture inside the Alamo long barracks?

4.  Participate in the topless experience?

5.  Have lunch with a cute guy from the Ukraine (I know, weird)?

6.  Tour Ripley’s Believe It or Not?

7.  Come home with my first ever shiner?

8.  Bring home a piece of rock from inside the Alamo shrine?

9.  Feed the ducks on the Riverwalk?

10.  Cut in line to get on the boat tour?

So, obviously, I visited the Alamo. The picture at the top is one of the many I took (is that a clue?). And, based on last week’s post, I did enjoy some time on the Riverwalk. But, how wild and crazy and adventurous did I really get? And how rebellious was I? That’s up to you to decide. I can’t wait to see your guesses.

Overall I had a very nice visit and would go back for more thrills. How about you dear readers, have you ever been to San Antonio? What the most crazy, wild or adventurous thing you’ve ever done on vacation? Please share, I love to know I’m not alone in my escapades, legal or otherwise.

Word of the day: Yegg (this is a fun one)

Fun face about me: I like to do cross stitch crafts.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, August 2014. Original photo of the Alamo by P. Rickrode, Other photos, courtesy Google Images.

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As you know, I recently attended the Romance Writers of America annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Here I am on my first day, super excited to learn and do everything humanly possible at this event.


Photo taken by K. Mathews. San Antonio Riverwalk.

Photo taken by K. Mathews. San Antonio Riverwalk.

It was a thrilling time, but getting there was a study in patience. Apparently a slightly petite woman traveling alone with only one small carry-on bag is a huge red flag to the TSA people. I got the full five-star security check point treatment, complete with full body pat-down and – this was new to me – both of my palms swabbed. That’s right – I was swabbed for possible explosives residue.

When I questioned the lovely ladies – yes there were more than one – who provided this fantastic service, I was informed that apparently my brilliantly sparkly tank top set off the sensors in the scanning tube, alerting the authorities that I was a potential security risk. Seriously? I mean, I warned Texas I was coming, but I was kidding. All joking aside, who knew that glitter and sequins were comprised of the same components used to make bombs? Here is the offending garment.

Photo by P. Rickrode.

Photo by P. Rickrode.

And it apparently wasn’t just my person that was suspicious. When I got to my hotel room and started to unpack, I noticed a slip of paper in my suitcase. Upon inspection, it appears as though my bags were thoroughly inspected as well. What the heck? Really?

Photo by P. Rickrode

Photo by P. Rickrode

And speaking of pats, I had the most wonderful experience on Wednesday night when I arrived. I got to meet and have dinner with the delightful and super sweet Pat O’Dea Rosen. Pat is a super classy lady with a gorgeous smile and giving attitude. I am so blessed to have met this wonderful lady in person. Here is a photo of Pat and I and Kristina Mathews enjoying our dinner at the water’s edge on what was undoubtedly the hottest night in San Antonio history. Despite the heat, I had a blast with Kristi and Pat.

From left to right: Kristina Mathews, Patricia Rickrode (aka Jansen Schmidt) and Pat O'Dea Rosen. San Antonio Riverwalk.

From left to right: Kristina Mathews, Patricia Rickrode (aka Jansen Schmidt) and Pat O’Dea Rosen. San Antonio Riverwalk.

So lesson learned? Don’t wear bling to the airport and if having dinner with a dear friend in Texas in July, eat inside.

Have you ever been swabbed for explosives? What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at the security check point?

Word of the Day:  Xyloid

Fun Fact about me:  I’m not crazy about concerts.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, August 2014. Original photos by P. Rickrode.

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