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Everybody loves snacks. They do. Just ask anybody what their favorite snack is, and they’ll have an answer. A lot of people won’t even have to think about it, they’ll just instantly say what their favorite snack is. Except me. I don’t necessarily have a favorite snack as much as I have a favorite snack type. Salty.


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woman eating potato chipsOver the past few months, like so many other people, I’ve been doing a lot of extra eating. Mostly stress eating. I’m sometimes careful with my food choices, but usually I don’t give a fig how much butter, sugar, carbohydrates and chemical preservatives are in the food. Hand me a bag of chips and that’s the last you’ll see of them. Give me a can of cashews, those babies will be gone. Dill pickles are devoured like candy. I guess you see the trend here – salt! It’s all about the salt. (more…)

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