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Sherlock. Original photo by P. Rickrode

Sherlock and Thor. Original photo by P. Rickrode

Almost exactly 10 years ago, I got my husband of one year, a puppy for his birthday. You see, my husband had to leave behind 2 wonderful dogs when he got divorced from his first wife. When he met me, I had a super spoiled beagle mix dog named Tango, who was a one-parent kind of dog. Tango and my husband did not always see eye-to-eye, especially when it came sharing a bed with me. Things got ugly. Husband eventually won that battle.

Anyway, in an attempt to even the playing field so to speak, I brought home this totally adorable purebred yellow lab puppy for my sweetie’s birthday. Neither my husband nor Tango were as excited about this new acquisition as I was.

For the sake of keeping this blog moving along, let’s all time travel and move forward to today. I lost my Tango quite a few years ago, but we still have our adorable and super sweet Sherlock. He’s managed to accidentally learn a few things over the past 10 years, but he remains pretty much dumb as a rock. And, while he is getting a little belligerent in his old age (who isn’t really), I still get glimpses of that adorable puppy he used to be.

Happy birthday to my sweetheart and happy anniversary to Sherlock, who came into our lives 10 years ago this month. We are so blessed for his undying love and devotion, need for treats, and a hankering to rise and roam about a hour before the alarm is set to go off.

Here’s a very short video of why we all love labs. I hope it will brighten your day.

Are you a dog lover? What kind of dog is your favorite? Got any great dog stories to share?

Word of the Day: Acephalous

Fun fact about me: I have never lived anywhere where a street light shone in my window.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, August 2014. Original photo by P. Rickrode. Video courtesy YouTube.

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