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The last couple of weeks, I’ve dealt with some particularly difficult people. I don’t think they were trying to be difficult, I think they were just confused, scared, frustrated or having a bad day, but when you total them all up, it’s taking a toll on my ability to stay focused and positive. I just want to do this:

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My last post was surely indicative of recent events at my place of secular employment. In addition to that, I am the President of our local writer’s group and along with that comes responsibility and the need to have thick skin and a super high dose of patience. I am also married and that comes with it’s own set of problems and needs. Not that my marriage is in any way adding to my recent angst, but I have to always be mindful not to let my mounting frustrations and stress carry over to my time with my sweetie pie. He deserves better.

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Photo courtesy Google Images

As I sat down to write yesterday, I found my mind wandering to stuff that really should be purged from my brain. It’s inconsequential and takes away from my ability to concentrate on what’s important to me – my writing. My writing time is precious and I don’t need it mucked up with unimportant things. A lot of you know what I’m talking about when I say that people around me don’t appreciate what I’m trying to accomplish. They see my writing as a hobby or something I do to relax and unwind. They don’t know how hard it is, how challenging or how how rewarding it really is. That adds to my frustration and sometimes I just can’t take it any more. I want to scream.

So, as my mind wandered away from my WIP (work in progress) and refused to come back, I decided why not just take a few minutes and indulge in the pity party; maybe the negativity will get bored and move on so I can get back to what’s important – my career as a writer.

So, as a tribute to all of those people who sucked the life out of me the past couple of weeks (not you sweetie pie) and all of those nay-sayers or folks choosing to keep my writing career in their blind spot, I pay homage by saying, good-bye. I’m done with your negativity and whining and complaining. I am a writer and I shall write.

I’m choosing to do this:

I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Now put on your crown and let’s be successful together!

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Photo courtesy Google Images

Word of the Day: Bumptious

Fun fact about me: I don’t like wearing shoes without socks in the winter time.

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