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I’ve had a very long weekend of writing related stuff. Savvy Authors sponsored a 3-day free writing retreat that blew my mind. So many really good presenters, free mini intensive workshops, and great webinars. My brain is so full of new information and practical tips. I feel like a thief getting all of this great information for free.


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I know, I know, being your own cheerleader is hard. That’s why we have friends and support groups and such. But, sometimes, only YOU can talk yourself off the ledge.

swear-wordsLast week I ventured down a path I rarely travel and there’s a reason for that; it’s the road of disappointment and discouragement. Usually I keep the gate shut on that life exit, but sometimes the wind blows it open and that little bastard demon living inside me wants to go exploring. Damn that little demon! (more…)

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