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I love to read. Most writers do. Books are our drug of choice; the thing we rely on to keep us motivated, inspired, eager to put our own ideas down on paper. Writing can be exhilarating. So can reading. But, like writing, reading is not without its dark side. Read on and I’ll explain.


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choosing a bookAbout a month ago I blogged about the importance of a good title, in relation to articles and books. A lot of that post was poking fun at embarrassing headlines from newspapers, but the point got made – how something is titled is important. Because I’m on the brink of publishing my first novel, I’m at the point where I need to start making some very important decisions about not only titles, but the items that will make or break someone’s decision to buy my book. The items that create a good first impression. The things that will make my book stand out from the rest on an already crowded shelf. (more…)

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