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So here it is July already. 2019 is just zipping right along isn’t it? We’re already past the longest day of the year and diving head first into those REALLY hot summer days leading up to Fall. (more…)

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sweat on forehead

Yes, it’s HOT!! The long hot, sweaty days of summer have arrived. I know, I know, it’s still officially spring, but tell that to the weather. There is no mercy here in Vicksburg after about 11:00. June has come in with a vengeance. (more…)

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WDW Christmas 2015 078

Photo by P. Rickrode

I often hear, “You’re going to Disney World again? Didn’t you just go last year (or in June, or January, etc.)?” My response is always the same, “Yes, we did and yes we’re going again.” You want to know why? I’ll tell you. It’s fun!! I love Disney World. We always know we’re going to have an excellent experience, good food, clean rooms, quiet pools (we know the ones to visit), free transportation and much more. It’s money well spent (in our opinion). (more…)

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Here at Casa Rickrode, otherwise known as The Baer-Williams House, I like to decorate for the holidays. And by holidays I mean, all holidays. It’s nice to see a little bit of holiday cheer throughout the year tucked into a corner or on the mantel, at least in my opinion.



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four seasons

We’re all familiar with the four traditional seasons and most of us have a favorite. I’m partial to summer, because I like it hot. Spring is beautiful, but too short. Autumn is pretty but often too cool for my liking. I love the long hot summers. I know, I’m a weird-o to some of you, but hey, I’m honest. I like it hot. (more…)

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rock and rule.jpgWe interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to talk about you. That’s right – you. As I’m beginning to discover, it’s not always about me. (I know, that’s wrong, but true.)

So, dear readers, tell me, what’s going on in your world? What little tidbits of completely useless information should I know about you?


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Finally, spring is upon us, bursting with warm breezes and a promise of hotter days to come. Spring break is here, summer vacation is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you’ve been working since January to get your body beach ready. (Hey, I’ve cut back on my potato chip intake substantially, that counts.)

blooming trees

Anyway, you all know what springtime means right? Swimsuit season! That’s right, it’s time to dust off that old swimsuit and try to squeeze your winter body into it hoping to catch a few rays to chase away that winter pale skin. Every year around this time I say I’m going to get myself a new swimsuit; one that fits right and flatters my awkward body shape even if I have to spend a few extra dollars to get it. Every year I shop (usually on line) and every year I come up empty handed.

I’ve started my swimsuit pursuit already this year, but haven’t quite found “the one.” I have, however, ruled out quite a few. Starting with this one:

swimsuit 1

And, while black is slimming, I couldn’t quite see myself in any of these either:

swimsuit 2

swimsuit 4

swimsuit 5

swimsuit 6

swimsuit 10

swimsuit 11

swimsuit 14

While shopping, I did reach a conclusion about what kind of swimsuit I should be looking for. You see, I turned 50 last year and I’ve decided that it is finally time to accept the fact that this old girl should probably give up the dream of ever wearing a bikini again – ever. However, if you’re still into the two-piecers, I’ve found some gems you might want to consider. Check these out:

swimsuit 7

swimsuit 8

And have no fear if your heart is truly set on black, because these two lovely bikinis only come in black:

swimsuit 12

swimsuit 9

So, you can see, there are quite a few choices, some bolder than others. And by “bold” I mean, what the heck on a haystack.

So, after quite a long time scrolling and clicking, I’ve come to the conclusion that, since I do not have the ideal body for virtually any kind of swim wear, I should probably be leaning toward something like this:

swimsuit 13

How about you dear readers, do you cringe at the idea of getting a new swimsuit? Do you dare to bare, or are you more modest in your swim attire? Would you consider wearing one of the swimsuits I’ve posted herein? Inquiring minds want to know. Don’t be shy. If you’d look hot in that little black bikini, go for it. You’d be the most popular gal (or guy) at the beach.

Word of the Day:  Fascine

Fun Fact About Me:  I’m not a huge fan of the beach.

Original post by Jansen Schmidt, March 2015.

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Photo courtesy Google Images

Photo courtesy Google Images

As you Californians know, it’s been HOT!

My husband and I bought our current home almost exactly one year ago today. The house is old, quirky, and needs some upgrading. One of the things that needs upgrading, is the air conditioning. Well, not upgrading exactly, installing. That’s right, we have no air conditioning. It’s been well over 100 degrees for several days in a row. Talk about a melt down.

Photo courtesy Google Images

Photo courtesy Google Images

Normally the heat doesn’t bother me so much, especially since I work in a nice air conditioned office building most days from nine to five and to get there I drive a new car with an awesome cooling system. But, given the recent holiday, I was lucky enough to have four days off in a row. That’s right, four whole days to WRITE! I was overjoyed. Until I actually sat down in my sweltering home office and turned on my laptop.

After four very long days of writing in a sweat box, I am proud to say that I got about 12,000 new words on my WIP (work in progress) and managed to get this blog thrown together to boot. Since I didn’t have a lot of creativity left by Sunday evening, I decided to take a more light-hearted approach to this latest post.

I needed a good laugh at the end of this miserable binge writing session and this is what I found. It’s kind of long, but it’s really funny. I dare you not to laugh. Enjoy!


Tell me, what do/did you do to beat the heat? Did you do anything unusual or exciting for the 4th? Inquiring minds want to know. P.S. WordPress has found it “necessary” to include an ad video at the end of this post. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Word of the day:  Cacomistle

Fun fact about me: One of my favorite breakfast foods is an egg McMuffin

Original post by Jansen Schmidt (July 2013). Photos courtesy Google Images. Video courtesy YouTube (Ellen DeGeneres show).

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